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Cherry Blossom

Our Cherry Blossom earrings was created for Engelbert's 100th anniversary. Designed and crafted in our Stockholm atelier, the Cherry Blossom possesses an intricate design where diamonds, navette-shaped tsavorites, and pink sapphires create a stunning elongated earring in the shape of a Cherry Blossom branch. A breathtaking piece that represents 100 years of craftsmanship in fine jewelry making. The cherry flower is celebrated worldwide year after year for its virtue. It is said that the rich blooming during spring symbolizes life and its beauty, but also its fragility. The short flowering of the cherry blossom encourages us to savor the beautiful moments and live in the present. To complement the collection there are the Cherry Moon earrings, named after the pink full moon, another sign of the opening of spring. An uncomplicated and flattering shape of a circle that wraps around the earlobe - suitable for every day or a special occasion.

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