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    Drop Link Earrings

    The Drop Link Earrings, Mini,  in yellow, white and rose gold.

    $1 200


      Delivery time is 3-5 days to customers in Sweden and 5-7 days to international customers. If the items is not in stock delivery time is 10-12 weeks.

    • Details

      The Drop Link Collection consists of a variety of drop shaped earrings in the sizes big, medium, small and mini, in plain gold or diamond studded full pavé.

      Choose between 3 colors of gold and different sizes to stack you ear.

      The Drop Link Earrings Mini are crafted in 18k yellow, white or rose gold.

      • Material: 18k yellow gold.
      • Measurements: 18 x 11 mm (length x width).
      Art. no. 13-6303-00
      For information please contact

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