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Our Wedding and Engagement assortment with its refined collections carries designs and qualities that are made to last over time. A result of over 100 years of experience in fine jewellery making. To this day, every wedding- and engagement ring is made by hand in our workshop in Stockholm. The materials used to create our collections are 18k gold and platinum.

Our diamonds are natural and carefully sourced in rare white, G colour and VS quality. Every diamond weighing more than 0.50 carats is issued with a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), an organization that sets the standard for the quality of diamonds according to the four criteria: carat, colour, clarity and cut.

Engagement Rings

Engelbert solitaires are expertly crafted diamond rings that celebrate love in all its forms. Crafted in our workshop in Stockholm, our solitaires feature rare white natural diamonds with clarity grade VS, thoughtfully set…

Wedding BandsĀ 

Engelbert’s eternity bands feature classic and contemporary designs and are exquisitely crafted in our workshop in Stockholm. Using the finest metals and carefully sourced natural diamonds in rare white, …

Plain Wedding BandsĀ 

A wedding band in any form is a symbol of love, enduring partnership and commitment. At Engelbert, quality is central and our plain bands are crafted from 18k gold or platinum in our Stockholm workshop. We offer seven …

Choosing Engelbert

At Engelbert, values as quality, tradition and craftsmanship are entwined with beauty and effortless elegance. We pride ourselves on offering exclusive, in-house designed jewelry made from 18k gold, platinum and precious stones. Where over a hundred years of experience are revealed in the details of each piece.


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