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Knot Bangles - The Legacy Knot

The Legacy Knot collection is one of Engelbert's most outstanding collections. With its clear silhouette, the knot represents love and continuity. Discover our bracelets and bangles, made in 18k gold, plain or brilliant studded with white or black diamonds. There is a Legacy Knot for every person and occasion.

The knot shape is a symbolic shape and symbolizes tying bonds to each other, between a mother and daughter or to a close friend. The Legacy Knot is suitable as a gift of love for a partner or a friend, or why not as a gift for yourself. The 'The Legacy Knot' bangle is a favorite by many and is appreciated because there are many variations, they are made plain, with a brilliant-cut knot or a bangle completely paved with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Legacy Knot is a statement piece of jewelry but works just as well for everyday use, depending on the model.

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